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My Experience with PureCBDVapors.com E Liquid and Edibles


Is Pure CBD Vapors Legit?

I heard about the Pure CBD vapors as one of the “better companies” for CBD vape juice and edibles. I have spent countless dollars in my local corner store on a number of edibles and had no effects whatsoever. I didn’t expect anything really. So then, I got the Peach kush flavored e-liquid (50 mg CBD in 10 ML of solution) for about $60.00. I know it’s cheaper through purecbdvapors.com but since I buy in convenience sometimes at head shops, etc, I end up with more expensive prices. Regardless of the price, I was hoping this would be the first CBD product I try that actually worked. I also purchased HEMP BOMB CBD gummies which are supposed to be all-the-craze these days. The guy at the counter and a customer both vouched for the gummies. So I went home pretty excited.

Review Breakdown

This is the categorical breakdown of my review.

Packaging and Container

Because I bought in person I did not experience the shipping part of it. I did though experience some crappy bag that fell apart when i started opening it (hemp bombs). Even though it was supposed to reseal, the entire side and bottom ripped open with the top. The packaging is just plain cheap. The oil itself was also in a cheap container (bottle) but pretty standard honestly. Maybe my HEMP bombs package was defective. Still, it was sealed before I opened it entirely.


These products would have been priced okay, even for a corner store convenience purchase, however, since they did not provide any effects at all, I cannot say they were worth the money.

Application (Using/Administration)

I used one of the vape pens they sell through their website (only I purchased it as well through the same physical retail store I got the e liquid and gummies from) in order to vape the Pure CBD E Liquid. I got adequate cloud and it seemed like it would be effective and satisfying. I ate the gummies fairly quickly, all of them within a 4 hour period for sure, most of them within a 2 hour period. I did not have any other meal beforehand that day, as I wanted to go about it from the “empty stomach” approach.


Unfortunately there were no noticeable effects whatsoever from either product. The CBD e liquid really let me down, as no one wants to only vape “something sweet.” It’s a little sickening after a while. There was no high, no fun, no relaxation, no stress relief…nothing. The gummies were no different, however, at least I felt like I had some sort of caloric intake from them, so even though I wasted a ton of money on them and they didn’t work at all (ate them all pretty quick), at least I can say they may have contributed to my daily caloric intake. No high, no pain relief, no anti-anxiety and no effects of any kind. I was, in fact, sick from the gummies as they tasted kind of terrible and I kept burping up the taste.

Last Notes on Pure CBD Vapors

The Peach KUSH CBD e liquid by Pure CBD Vapors tastes good but basically does nothing. They advertise right on their website that its supposed to help you unwind and bring you back to feeling mellow. This did nothing for me, except make my mouth itch a little after I vaped too much of it trying to feel something. This did not get me high. It was a smooth tasting vape, but if you are vaping, you want to get an effect out of it, not just a cloud. People vape nicotine usually, or weed, but they rarely vape “nothing but flavor.”

The HEMP Bombs were terrible. Despite the package having been new and unopened, they tasted stale. They did not reduce my stress, but in fact, increased it somehow. I am not sure if it’s from the nasty taste and wondering how old they were or what, but it was gross all the way down and led to me being sick for a couple of hours. I hated it. And I hate having to say that. I wanted to like a CBD product, but these two products dramatically failed to meet my expectations. I can’t say I’d ever recommend either of these products, however, basically all CBD products seem a little scammy to me.