Kala Jadu Kaise Hota Hai? What is Black Magic?

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How to Check Black Magic in Islam

The children who are surrounded in the age, they spend all their time in the company and the whole habit of getting addicted to drugs and
other haraam deeds. Their loved ones become light and wither away. The hair on their heads starts falling out fast, whether we are women or

بْسِم ِهَّللا الَّرْحَمِن الَّرِحيم

Bismillah hirRahmaan nirRaheem

With The Name of ALLAH, The Beneficent and The Merciful


What is Black Magic in Islam?

I am publishing a powerful scholarship – how to check black magic in Islam. Inshallah with the help of this scholarship you will know whether a
person is affected by black magic or not. We usually find that the behavior of such an affected person changes completely. He gets frustrated
easily and quickly. Also, sometimes they think of harming themselves which can lead to ‘suicide’, Istighfarullah. Such people begin to isolate
them from society, friends and family. They like to be alone, in the dark, sealed on their lips, not a word.

The worst signs of black magic

1. Their marriages are bounded and every proposal will start rejecting, and somehow would not be converted into a marital relation;
2. They may lose their job;
3. Their financial conditions gets more worse day-by-day;
4. A women in this, becomes infertile and unable to give a birth to a child;
5. Female’s menses can gets irregular or with heavy bleeding or skips entirely;
6. Females may feel extreme or mild pain in their lower abdomen;
7. Females may feel extreme or mild pain in their legs and thighs;
8. Sometimes, females may feel extreme or mild pain in their entire body;
9. A person affected by a black magic never takes a bath or a ritual bath or an ablution;
10. Husband-wife starts fighting with useless and baseless arguments;
11. Husband may sometimes beats his wife;
12. A child affected by black magic starts spoiling through any means like drug addictions and other haram acts;
13. Their faces becomes lightless, fainted and withered
14. They start loosing their hairs speedily;
15. They start feeling hopeless;
16. They start hating everyone, their society, friends, family and their close ones;
17. Even they hate themselves;
18. They attempts to hurt themselves and others as well;
19. They attempts suicide, sometimes commits it, to put an end to their life;
20. Every symptoms directs them towards their own destruction;

Kala Jadu ka ilaj

Here we are providing you with the kala jadu ka ilaj. You must have to follow all our methods, one by one, with your clean heart. First, you
have to offer all the five Namaz in a day, and it is better for you if you will offer Tahajjud Namaz.

It is also suitable for you if you will go and meet with an astrologer who is well known for their astrology, not only the name. Because we all
know that there are tons of astrologers available in our market, so, you have to choose an excellent astrologer for you as well as your family
for kala jadu ka ilaj.

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